iOS and Android app for SMF Forums!

Monetize from your community, be alerted with push notifications, provide a better experience with gesture-based navigation, and provide instant access to your users with your own mobile app!

iPhone and Android

Why have a custom native mobile app?

Monetize with your community!

Add another stream of revenue with a native Mobile App.


There are two ways to gain money with a custom SMF Mobile App:

  1. You can set a custom price for your mobile app, allowing you to recover the money paid in the app based on the collaboration of your community! You can, of course, offer it for free as well!
  2. It is also possible to increase the revenue of your website with strategically placed unobtrusive ads inside the mobile application!

Push Notifications

Estimulate users to participate regularly in your forum with push notifications.

Push Notifications

Users can be notified about new topics and posts of interest right from the Mobile App! This provides them with an easy way to start posting and replying as soon as posts are being created, estimulating them to post more often increasing the size of your community with quality content.

Engage Users

Incentivate users to spend more time at your site

Engage Users

Give users instant access to your SMF forum right from their mobile home screen, this makes them spend more time on your site improving interactions between all the community users. The app also comes with exclusive features like Topics Bookmarks which enables them to quickly track the most important topics for them to generate more posts.

Native features that make things easier...

Favorite Topics

Favorite Topics

The SMF Mobile App includes favorite topics, allowing users to have instant access to the most important topics for them increasing interaction and posts!

Enhanced Search

Enhanced Search

When searching using the Mobile App users will be presented with recent searches made by him, suggested searches based on the community logs and favorites searches as well to provide quick access to frequently searched terms.

  • Plenty of mods are integrated

    The SMF Mobile App comes integrated with mods you love including SMF Likes Pro, Two Factor Authentication, SimpleDesk, SMFPacks Conversations and more!

  • Share with friends

    Users will be able to quickly share topics, boards and your homepage with their friends using native mobile sharing!

  • Moderate your community from your pocket!

    Your custom mobile app incorporates all the moderate options you require to control your community!

What's the process after the purchase?

  • 1-) Instructions are sent

    When you have completed the purchase we'll send you an email and a personal message with the instructions of items that we need from you (2 images and your decision about the look and feel).

  • 2-) Install the API

    From our Client Area you will be able to download the API and install, a video tutorial shows the entire process to guarantee success during this step, but support is provided as well.

  • 3-) Download your Android and/or iOS app

    We will notify when your app is ready, usually in less than a day, then you'll be able to download from the Client Area.

  • 4-) Optionally configure your Ads and Push accounts.

    If you want push notifications and/or ads within your app you'll need to configure accounts with our partners, for which instructions are provided!

  • 5-) Upload to the app store (video instructions are provided).

    When completed you'll be able to upload your AAB file directly to the Play Store and for App Store we will give you the package that you need to sign in XCode (using a Mac) for you to upload from your account. A video tutorial is also provided explaining both process in detail!

Simple pricing, no tricks

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchased will I have my own native app?

That's correct, you will have your own iOS and Android app for you to publish under your developer accounts.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can submit your payment with PayPal, Bitcoins and Credit Cards, we receive Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

What do I need to publish the app?

We ask you for four things: The devs accounts for Apple and/or Google, 1 splash image, 1 icon image and the installation of the API which is included with this purchase.

Do I have to pay a renewal?

No, once you do the initial purchase you don't need to renew your application unless you want extra support and updates for a new year.

Where can I see a demo?

Feel free to test our SMFPacks App on the App Store and the SMFMobileApp on the Play Store.

Do I need to pay anything else?

Both Apple and Google demand a fee to be able to publish in their stores. If you aren't interested in any extra payment we can host your app in our accounts with an extra $50 maintenance fee per year.